LLC Agro Farm Capital is a new project company, founded by partners who each have more than 20 years experience working in Russia and CIS

David Fletcher,

Chairman of the Board of Directors

–International Management Consultant, working with PWC, Delloitte’s, BDO and Analysis Mason Group in Kazakhstan, Iraq, Abu Dhabi and Egypt

–Served as Chief Financial Officer of the first Mobile Network in Kazakhstan, established all Accounting IT and HR Functions

–Has worked in the Former Soviet Union since 1989 as both Line Management and as a Management Consultant

–13 years of Audit Experience with a top twenty firm

Philip Wegh,

General Director

–Since 1994 working as an Expatriate Manager in Russia in positions of CFO, Operations Director, and Managing Director for various multinationals in Russia

–During this time in Russia, responsible for starting up 3 greenfield company production operations (Kraft Foods, Dirol-Cadbury, Jotun Paints); and while in Orkla Foods responsible for 5 “brownfield” companies for acquisition and integration into Orkla, most of which were done while serving as Managing Director of Krupskaya Confectionary Company.

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