The Agro Farm Capital Approach
  • Achieve economies of scale with modern facilities and milk herds of 4,100 cows

       Importing cows with genetics for high yielding milk (Breed: Holstein Freisan)

  • Optimizing diet of cows with high energy, protein, and fibers, to not only achieve high milk

       output, but higher levels of fat content for cheese and butter producers

  • Own fodder growing to support the dairy, targeting 80% local supply of all silage and grains needed.  This requires a mega farm complex of 10,000 hectares to support 8,200 milking cows (and young followers)

  • Adequate grain and fodder storage (to include railhead access) to weather poor climate  years or disruption of supplies

Use modern technology for herd management, to optimize

efficiency and lower labor requiements

Agro Farm Capital’s solution is a 2 phase approach for  a modern and efficient Dairy investment in NW Russia across a 2 mega farm complex, growing the heard to 8,200 milking cows, and achieving yields of 260,950 liters/day

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